WebLink Widgets

WebLink Widgets enable quick integrations with minimal effort by embedding WebLink components within an existing website.

We have many Widgets available to choose from in our WebLink Widget Builder such as:

  • Catalog
  • Search bar
  • Event list
  • Cart

... and many more!

The 2 examples in this section show how to use the WebLink Widget Builder for emedding WebLink components on a website. The examples assumes building pages from scratch and an already configured WebLink portal. All Widgets can be built and embedded following the same steps, here we focus on the two most popular ones.

WebLink Widget Builder

Our WebLink Widget Builder makes it easy to obtain the code necessary to embed a widget:

  1. Enter the URL of your configured WebLink portal and click "Connect".
  2. Select a time zone, to ensure any Event dates display correctly.
  3. Select the widget from the Widget Picker dropdown.
  4. After selection, the right-hand side allows for any widget customisation (filters, ordering, display options...)
  5. Once happy with your selection, click "Build", which will generate HTML snippets:
    1. the left-hand side snippet should be added to the bottom of existing pages before the closing </html> tag
    2. the right-hand side snippet must be placed where you want the widget to appear